Posted July 27, 2017.

door installation Pittsburgh

Weather and use take their toll on exterior doors, and sooner-or-later, the average homeowner is going to need to replace theirs. The appearance of your home and the location of the door are two factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking into door installation in Pittsburgh. Another major factor that needs to be considered is what kind of material do you want your door made from? Here are the three main kinds of door materials on the market today:


Steel doors are relatively inexpensive compared to fiberglass and wood. They also provide a fair level of intruder resistance; they’re made from steel, after all. The main downsides of steel doors are that it can be hard to fix any dents and damage to them and they can rust if exposed to the elements for too long.


Fiberglass doors tend to be more expensive than steel doors, but less expensive than wood. They come with foam cores which provide insulation against the cold, and they have a tough outer coating to make them fairly intruder resistant. This kind of door is pretty low maintenance, making it ideal for busy families. By using a trusted contractor for your fiberglass door installation in Pittsburgh, you can make sure it’s installed properly for the maximum amount of curb appeal.


Wood is the gold standard in exterior doors, and you pay for it. The most expensive option, wood doors are also the most durable, easy to repair and easy to maintain. They do need regular upkeep, but most people view that as a small price to pay for the classic look and solid weight that they provide a home.

As a final note, all modern exterior doors can be made with windows in them, regardless of the material the door is made from. When you’re considering putting in a new door installation in Pittsburgh, a professional contractor can help you work through the choices available to you. If you don’t feel up to the task, they can even install the door for you.