3 Variables That Impact Your Doorís Efficiency

Posted November 05, 2016.

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Your homes efficiency is always on your mind, especially when it comes to your monthly energy expenses. While insulation and windows certainly have a huge part to play in the final figures, many people forget that their homes exterior doors also contribute to a homes efficiency. Before you undergo your next door installation in Pittsburgh, be sure to consider the following when making your selection of new doors:

Glass Panels

Especially when it comes to entryway doors, glass panels are some of the most stylish, trendy options on the market. However, unless these glass panels are specially designed, they are also some of the least efficient options as well. Glass allows heat and air to escape the home more easily than other materials, so the more glass you have on your entry door, the more energy is escaping your home. This means your furnace or air conditioner needs to work harder to keep the interior warm or cool.


Whether you are using wood, vinyl, metal or another material, each one has a different efficiency rating when it comes to keeping the interior of your home warm or cool. These are details you should ask your chosen door company about before making a final purchase to ensure you are getting the best option available.


It is possible for any door to have gaps, but some are worse than others. You need to ensure you are able to find rubber additions that fill these gaps in order to keep the cold or hot air out of your home, while keeping your energy costs to a minimum. This is also imperative for keeping out unwanted pests throughout the seasons.

These are some of the most critical points to pay attention to when selecting your new exterior door. Before undergoing your door installation in Pittsburgh, speak to a professional to ensure you are making the most of your investment.