3 Features to Consider When Buying New Windows

Posted on August 15, 2015.

windows in Pittsburgh

When it's time to buy new windows in Pittsburgh for your home, you may be thinking of sticking with what is familiar and getting new versions of what you already have. You should take advantage of this opportunity instead and choose a different, improved style. When shopping for your new windows, consider their opening mechanisms, design, and energy efficiency.

Most commonly, windows open up and down. They can be single hung, meaning only the bottom sash (panel) moves, or double hung, meaning both sashes move. Double hung produces better airflow. These types of windows don't just go straight up and down. Some can also tilt inward.

Another way new windows in Pittsburgh can open is inward and outward. Awning styles are hinged at the top and move out from the bottom. Hoppers are hinged at the bottom and move in from the top. Casement ones are hinged at the side and swing outward. Jalousie styles have sectioned panels that open and close like blinds. Finally, windows can also slide to the side or be fixed and not open at all.

The next feature to decide on is the design, which includes the shape and grid pattern. Try a curved or angled window instead of plain rectangular. Grid options can include colonial, with squares covering the whole pane; diamond, similar to colonial but with rhombuses; single and double perimeter, with grids only on the edges of the entire window; single and double prairie, with grids only on the edges of each panel; and Victorian, with squares along the top of the upper pane.

The last feature to consider is the energy efficiency of the glass. It should effectively block the transfer of heat protect your furniture and carpet from harmful sunrays. Look for Low-E, argon gas, and insulated spacer systems to ensure these qualities. Special window screens can further improve energy efficiency.

With so many unique options, you are guaranteed to find the right modern, upgraded windows to install in your home. Your house will look more polished and stylish with your new windows in Pittsburgh.