5 Smart Benefits of Flat Commercial Roofing

Posted January 20, 2017.

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When you need to replace the roof of your commercial space, you have choices of which styles and materials can work best for your business. You may not know much about flat roofs, but you should consider them for your commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, PA. Here are five good reasons that flat roofs could pay off for your company.

1. Longevity

With proper upkeep, a flat commercial roofing system can last much longer than shingles or tiles. They are also easy to repair for roofing contractors.

2. More Space

Flat roofs offer more usable space both above and below. The roof itself can be used for equipment such as air conditioning units and solar panels. You could even plant a rooftop garden or use the roof for entertaining. Underneath the roof, you have a more functional top floor without the pitches or sloped walls that are more typical of other roof lines.

3. Wind Resistance

Roof tiles, shingles, and other materials are prone to damage from high winds, but flat roofing can resist wind better. That durability can translate to less need for emergency inspections and repairs.

4. Accessibility

Pitched roofs can be risky when it comes to repairs or upkeep. A flat roof can be much easier to inspect and maintain. You can also get to gutters or other equipment on the roof with less effort.

5. Economical

Businesses must control costs, especially when it comes to commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, PA. With less labor and materials, flat roofs may be more affordable than other roofing systems. That initial savings can be compounded with less maintenance and repairs over the life span of the roof.

Good Business Sense Todays flat roofs may have fewer drainage problems than earlier designs, making them a great choice for any commercial building. Talk to your contractor about the advantages of commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, to better understand how your company can profit by Installing a flat roof.