Choosing A Door That Complements The Style Of Your Home

Posted May 15, 2017.

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If you’re in the market for a door replacement in Pittsburgh, Pa., you might have some questions about how to choose the best style for your house. Luckily, making a suitable choice is an easy matter after asking yourself some simple questions.

Questions to Consider

The most important factor to consider is the type of door you are replacing. Is it a front door, a side door, a sliding door to your back yard, or an internal door that needs to be replaced or updated?      

Homeowners want their front entry doors to be inviting to visitors and to enhance curb appeal, so design elements like paneling or glass is often incorporated in them. Even simple doors can be painted in a bold color to make a statement. Front doors are often constructed of wood, but they also come in steel and fiberglass, both of which have their own advantages. Another factor to consider is whether your door will be exposed to the elements, or protected. You will also want to consider your local climate when choosing your door replacement in Pittsburgh, Pa. Since Pittsburgh has four seasons, you should seek exterior doors that are as energy efficient as possible.

Choosing Your Design

When choosing a design, decide what look you are going after: if you want your home to have a more traditional feel, you might opt for a wood-paneled front door. If you are going for a more artsy vibe, you might choose to incorporate glass or stained glass elements. Size is also a consideration since it might look odd to have too grand an entrance on a tiny home, or vice versa. However, there are times when you might choose to go up in size, such as when replacing a small back entry door with larger French doors that let in more light.

Whatever look you decide on for your home, be sure to choose an expert contractor in your local area to ensure the success of your door replacement in Pittsburgh, Pa.