Get an Iron-Clad Quote for Your Entry Doors in Pittsburgh

Posted on October 25, 2016.

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Whether you are remodeling out of necessity or to increase the equity in your home, you want to know exactly how much your construction project is going to cost you. Before you hire anyone, you should ask for a quote for all work to be performed, but do not just settle on a ballpark figure. Remodeling is serious business, and you need an iron-clad quote for entry doors in Pittsburgh to avoid an unforeseen expense.

What Is an Iron-Clad Quote?

There are many things that make up an Iron-clad quote, and the first thing is that the estimate should be in writing. Never accept a verbal It will cost you this much. You want the entire project on paper and in great detail. Everything, including the materials and labor, should be clear and straightforward. You should understand easily all costs involved with your project from the handwritten estimate provided.

No Pressure

Many quotes for entry doors in Pittsburg come with a gimmick, and it is wise to avoid those at all costs. If the installer has written a special discounted price but attached a contingency to it, the final price you will pay is not iron-clad. You should not have to make a decision under duress. A good sign that you have an iron-clad quote is it will be good for one year. This gives you plenty of time to decide on your door installation.

The Price Is the Price

Even the best quote can be a little off if there are unforeseen circumstances that arise with your renovation project. An iron-clad estimate, however, will stick to its original price no matter what. If the quote has a guaranteed price, then it and the contractor are both solid. After all, you should not have to pay more. It is the contractors fault if he did not quote the right price for your entry doors in Pittsburgh from the beginning.