How to Choose an Entry Door That Blends Style and Performance

Posted February 24, 2017.

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Before finding a professional to complete your door installation in Pittsburgh, PA, take some time to research and choose the right entry door for your home. Style is an obvious element to considerin your search since the front doorof a house makes the first impression on guests. Another aspect that should be given substantial thought when deciding on a new door is performance.You should look for a door that is both functional and attractive.

Modern doors often express current minimalism trends. Less is more with simple designs, accessories, and windows. One way to add a colorful accent to your homes appearance is by painting the entry door in a bold red, vibrant orange, or cool blue. However, do not limit yourself to following fadswhen choosing a new door. Perhaps you prefer a more classic style with intricate designs carved into the wood or elegantly frosted windows. Whatever your personal taste, there is a door to match.

Before committing to a door installation in Pittsburgh, PA, analyze the performance of different doors. You can do this by consideringthe durability and energy efficiency of the material used to manufacture the door. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and can be painted or stained, butwill require regular maintenance unless it is protected from harsh weather conditions. Steel doors are generally more low-maintenancethan wood doors, but steel heats up quickly in the sun and is not as energy efficient. Fiberglass or composite doors are extremely durable. They are also practically maintenance free and can have the same look and feel as a wood door.

If you carefully consider all the options before planninga door installation in Pittsburgh, PA,you will not be disappointed in your decision. With so many choices, it is easy to find the perfect entry door for your homethat performsnecessary functions while expressing your unique flair to visitors.