Replacement Doors Offer the Best of Both Worlds: Beauty and Savings

Posted March 29, 2017.

door replacement in Pittsburgh PA

The exterior doors in your home can play a big role in air leaks and wasted energy, especially if they were not installed or sealed properly. Older doors are not as well insulated as those available today, either. If you love the look of your wood entry door but are less than thrilled with your energy bills, it is time you took a look at the doors that are available on todays market. For door replacement in Pittsburgh PA, there are many options that can give you the best of both worlds.

Fiberglass or Steel

Many entry doors clad in fiberglass or steel have an R-value of R-5 or R-6. Compare a door of this type, with a thickness of 1-1/2 inch, with a wooden door of the same thickness. Fiberglass- and steel-clad doors deliver five times more insulation value. There are also some fiberglass doors that do a great job at mimicking wood, so you get the look you want and the savings too.

Foam-Core Doors

Doors with a foam insulation core and a steel skin typically include a magnetic weather strip, similar to the magnetic seal on a refrigerator door. A good installation company for door replacement in Pittsburgh PA will ensure that the strip is not bent during installation, which defeats the purpose of having a sealed door.

Glass Doors

Although pretty, glass does not offer much insulation value and sliding glass doors even less because of leaks around the metal frames commonly seen in older doors. Modern doors with metal frames offer an insulating layer of plastic between inner and outer frames to help stop leaks, while other models offer additional layers of glass, coatings to help retain heat and even a layer of gas between panes.

Still skeptical about the value of replacing your wooden entry door? Do some research, call around, visit a showroom or two and you will learn that door replacement in Pittsburgh PA offers you a look you can love and energy savings too.