How to Tell It Is Time for a New Door Installation

Posted on August 22, 2017

Door Installation in Pittsburgh, Pa

The front door is typically the first impression guests receive about your house. It needs to look perfect to give off the right vibe. As time goes on, you may discover the need for a new door installation in Pittsburgh, PA. Pay attention to the warning signs that your front door is on its last legs so that you can upgrade at the proper time.

Pests Getting Inside

Bugs and other pests should stay outside where they belong. If you suddenly start noticing them coming inside your house, then you have a real problem on your hands. This could be a result of cracks forming anywhere around your house. You need a comprehensive inspection, but one of the first places a professional will look at is your front door.

Scrapes Along Floor

Your initial door installation in Pittsburgh, PA should have been perfect. Your door should be able to be opened and closed with ease. If you start noticing the door scraping the floor, then you have a significant problem on your hands. A simple repair job may not be enough. It may simply be time to get a completely new door installed.

Bad Hinges

Your door is comprised of a lot of different hardware. You should perform routine maintenance on hinges and other components to keep them in good shape. Over time, the day may come when maintenance is not enough, and you just need to get a new door.


One of the biggest signs it is time for a new door installation in Pittsburgh, PA is that you start feeling drafts coming inside. If you do not have a window open, then you should not be getting breezes entering your house. Any one of these signs indicates it is time for a change. If you have several of these symptoms, then you definitely want to call a contractor right away.

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