Three Popular Door Styles

Posted on August 8, 2017

Door Installation in Pittsburgh, Pa

Your front door is the first impression you make to friends and neighbors. As they linger outside your residence after ringing the bell, it is a chance for them to admire all your home has to offer. Door installation in Pittsburgh is an affordable option for homeowners everywhere who are looking for a design project. If you're not sure which door to choose, check out these three suggestions.

Let the Light In

Nothing is more gorgeous than windows. It is possible to make your entryway feel more spacious by choosing a door with windows. Whether it's a small window at the top, or an elaborate stained glass window running the entire length of the door, light will filter in and add lovely ambiance. Some homeowners also appreciate being able to look out and see who is ringing the bell, but of course, it is always possible to protect privacy by adding curtains.

Think Outside the Box

A lot of door installation in Pittsburgh is square. Literally - the shape of a traditional door is a square shape. But, this doesn't have to be the case in your home. You can mix it up a little by choosing a door in an arch shape. It adds class and architectural grace to any exterior. While installation might be a little more expensive to complete, since the exterior of your home would be molded to fit the unusual shape, the payoffs are certainly worth it.

Have Fun With Materials

You might think that all doors are made of wood, but they're not. In fact, steel and fiberglass are becoming more and more popular. You can choose a door that mimics the look of wood, or something more modern. Consult with a professional to discover all your options.

Door installation in Pittsburgh is a great way to rejuvenate the interior and exterior of your home. Hopefully, these three design suggestions can help you find the perfect fit for your residence.

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