Top 4 Reasons to Use Hydrostop for a Flat Roof

Posted on October 18, 2015.

new commercial roofing

Roof replacement is a costly and time consuming endeavor. However, it is absolutely necessary to maintain proper roofing for protection from sun, rain and cold. Because of this, the best strategy is to ensure that whatever new commercial roofing in Pittsburgh you get is worth it.

One way to make sure that you can rely on your roof for a long time is to install the Hydropstop system. Here are the top 4 reasons that make it such a great option.

1. Durability, Including Waterproofing

Hydrostop allows you to waterproof select areas. Thanks to this, you do not need to be concerned about leaks and damages that usually accompany an aging roof. In addition, it is ultraviolet and infrared resistant, making it even more durable. It is also highly fire resistant, ensuring the safety of building users.

2. Long Term Savings

Commercial roofing in Pittsburgh that is installed with Hydrostop saves you money in the long run, because you do not need to spend extras on expensive removal, installation or maintenance projects. In addition, its high solar reflectance helps making it energy efficient, lowering your energy bills. In effect, you can reap the extra investment that you have made over a period of time.

3. Long Warranty With Various Options

You can opt for various lengths of warranties for greater protection. Moreover, as long as you maintain your roof based on a given maintenance schedule, you may renew the warranty.

4. Flexibility With Existing Structure

Hydropstop can be applied to a variety of materials, such as metal, concrete, wood and asphalt. Therefore, regardless of the type of roofing material you have, most likely you will not need to replace the whole roof.

Hydropstop is a suitable option for commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, if your building has a flat roof. It is also a fairly simple solution. Invest in it now to save long term costs and hassle.