What Does Your Door Say About You?

Posted on September 5, 2017

Door Replacement in Pittsburgh PA

A door can suit many different purposes. It can simply be a method used to keep a building closed off and protected from the weather or it can be an entryway that welcomes people into your home. What kind of door are you looking for? Door replacement in Pittsburgh, PA can change the entire look of your home and it can be fun as well.

Wood, steel, and fiberglass are just three of the options available when choosing a front door. Wood makes an elegant entrance that can be uniquely yours. The grain in the wood and the many colors of stain available make wood doors appealing. It is a great insulator against weather as well as sound. It does not crack or dent easily and it is easy to install hardware on wood doors.

Steel doors are also a good option for door replacement in Pittsburgh, PA and are generally less expensive and to not warp or sag like other materials. They are also good security doors and can be painted any color you choose.

Fiberglass doors are gaining popularity quickly. Fiberglass has the benefit of strength, durability, and the ability to mimic other materials. If you would like a wood or steel look, fiberglass can handle it. Fiberglass won't scratch, warp, sag, or rot and it is not easily dented. It is also maintenance free.

Adding glass to your door, whether in the door itself or as a sidelight, allows more natural light to enter your home. You can choose from plain glass, stained glass, or a variety of privacy glass. Because of the insulating value of glass that is manufactured today, you will not lose much energy efficiency by adding windows, but you will gain natural light and an inviting look.

No matter what material you decide to use for your front door, door replacement in Pittsburgh, PA can make your home more inviting. There are so many materials and options to pick from you could spend weeks just looking at your choices. Have fun with it.

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