What Features Can You Find in an Entry Door?

Posted on January 18, 2016.

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It's amazing how something like a door can change. Some of the features have been the same for years and years, but other aspects are becoming more advanced and resistant to wear and tear. When you start shopping for entry doors in Pittsburgh, you have to know what features you can find.

• Rot-Resistance: Wood doors are beautiful, but they are susceptible to rot. Many doors today have rot-resistant mullions and jambs. This helps keep your door sturdy, rot-free, insect-free and warp-free.

• Locking: Safety is a huge aspect of entry doors. Many doors today have what is known as a multi-point locking system (MPLS). This means that there are three locking points in order to give you more security.

• Weatherstrip: The weatherstrip at the bottom of your door is supposed to keep out moisture and air. Many weatherstrips today are filled with foam to increase the flexibility and seal.

• Insulation: The weatherstripping, door sweep and door itself should all work together to ensure that your house is well insulated.

• Hinges: The hinges on the door have to be just as high quality as the door itself. Hinges should be able to provide support while offer better performance.

• Steel Reinforcement: Certain aspects of a door, like the door jamb, should be reinforced with steel in order to provide even more security.

• Style: The front door is often the first part of your house that guests see. Make sure that your entry door is making the right statement by finding a door that fits your style.

As you start looking for your perfect front door, don't let all of the new features get you worried. Work with professional to sift through all of the different entry doors in Pittsburgh. You'll be able to find a door that provides you the security you need in the style that you want. Look for these high quality features in your next entry door.