Would You Like To Talk Directly To Our Customers?

We Gladly Provide References.


What’s it like to hire Windows R Us for your home improvement project?

The people most qualified to give you an honest answer to that question is obvious: OUR CUSTOMERS. After all, they’ve actually done business with us – they know us for sure!

That’s why we’ve never been shy about giving references. We want you to have 100% confidence you are selecting the right company.

Ask our customers…

Be Cautious Of Any Company That Makes
Getting References Difficult

Have you ever had an experience with any company – home improvement or otherwise – that seems evasive or uncomfortable when asked for references? That’s a red flag!

Companies should never make a homeowner feel awkward about asking for references. It’s also the mark of a professional business that it be prepared for these kind of inquiries and be able to provide as many references as you need to make your decision.

So don’t be shy with us – we will happily give you references.

To get started, please give us a call. We’d love to talk with you about your project.